Pettisville Friendship Days 5K

5K Course

Pre-event check-in at Park Pavilion (the park building closest to finish line) required for all 5K Events.
7:00 to 7:30 Saturday morning June 25, 2016.

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Directions for First Time Park Visitors

Use the PGC Grain Silos (see Map Pin below) on County Rd D-E as a landmark for the park entrance. Take County Rd 18 and turn onto County Rd D-E which is also marked Dame St. The Pettisville Park Entrance is just west of the PGC Grain Silos. Click for popUp of local view.
Please Note- Google Maps shows some confusing information. Their map pin is accurate, but they list the Pettisville Park as a Wauseon address. And don't rely on Google Street View to find the park entrance. Birch Ave does not reach the park. The Park Entrance is on County Rd D-E.