Sunday Service

Sunday Church service at the Park, 11:00 on June 26.

Friendship Days Church Service
2012 Children's Choir

Pastor Ray Dutcher from the Pettisville Missionary Church is organizing the Sunday Service.

Sunday message entitled "Checking Your Gauges" will be presented by Pastor Dutcher.
"Hope for Hunger" and "Sara's Garden" will receive the offering from this service.

Worship Team:
Ray Dutcher - Acoustic guitar
Tim Klopfenstein - Acoustic Guitar
Amber Klopfenstein - Bass Guitar
Ryeana Klopfenstein - Keyboard
Alicia Barhite - Vocal
Andrew Sauder - Vocal
Evan Rufenacht - Vocal
Jason Aeschliman - Drums
Eric Wagler - Sound

Special music by Tim & Ryeana Klopfenstein
Special music also by Jason Aeschliman

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